Product Development

Research and Development are the keys for success. To innovate strategies, products or product arrangements detailed information of how a product works is essential. Together we can make it meet your expectations or even take it further!

“Scientia est potentia” or free translated in English “Knowledge is Power”. In close collaboration and under a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) we can analyse an idea together. The detailed information gained by the CFD simulation results will enable you to improve performance.

Water spray nozzle

In collaboration with Firedefender a high pressure nozzle is developed. The Firedefender is a special tool for the fire brigade to prevent fire spread to surrounding buildings. The goal of the research was to extend the spray length but keeping its foggy nature. The improved nozzle is now being used.

Pump impeller optimization study

This study has been performed in collaboration with Holland Special Pumps in order to optimize the impeller. The performance of the pump is optimized accounting for pressure losses, cavitation, flow patterns etc. The impeller is represented in the CFD simulation as a rotating frame. Based on the rotation and shape of the impeller the actual flow is generated. With the CFD it is easy to test the performance for different fluid compositions and inlet pressure (NPSH).

MonoBase Lowering Simulation

This simulation shows the free fall of a 6,000 ton base section of the MonoBase wind turbine foundation. The calculation confirms the expected de-acceleration when approaching the seabed and a smooth and soft landing. Read more at

Hydro-electric Power Station

In close collaboration with a team of engineers we are currently executing simulations for the development of rotors and blades for a Hydro-electric Power Station to be placed in a dam or free flow. The new innovative way of converting the power of the water into electric energy is revolutionary. Since the design is very special we cannot show any intermediate results on our website at the moment.