There are many types of tunnels with varying uses. Nevertheless, tunnels are always a confined space which require special measures for its daily usage and in case of hazards. Simulations assist with the design of tunnels and in particular its safety measures. Most commonly simulations are used to analyze a tunnels fire safety level and/or air quality.

Fire safety

Evaluate and optimize the ventilation design with the CFD results. Also, we can provide you with independent concept design support. Based on our experience, hand calculations, knowledge about standards and codes we are able to provide you with a suitable concept design meeting the requirements. Download the leaflet to read more.

Air Quality

Besides fire safety, pollution control is an important subject of interest. Within the simulation software multiple analyses can be conducted to evaluate the efficiency of the ventilation during different scenarios, for example the local Age of Air or the absolute concentration of CO locally with a certain traffic composition.

Pollutant dispersion in the surrounding of the tunnel portals can also be analyzed using CFD.

Al-Salam Street Tunnel – Abu Dhabi

For this 2.2 kilometer road tunnel we have evaluated the ventilation design and provided information that has supported optimizing the design. The brief and clear report contributed to quick approval of by the local authorities. Download the leaflet to read more.