CFD in the construction and offshore industry

CFD simulations are used for many different applications in the construction and offshore industry. We specialize in such simulations and have extensive knowledge of the associated regulations and underlying physics. There are many different objectives for CFD simulations used in this field.

We regularly perform CFD simulations for:

  • The wind climate around buildings and their surroundings
  • Wind load on structures
  • Climate control of (complex) spaces:
    • School buildings and classrooms
    • Clean rooms
    • Data centers
    • Industrial spaces for production processes
    • High spaces, such as airports, distribution centers, atria, shopping centers
  • Pollution (industry, tunnels, buildings, car parks)
  • Developing and testing innovative ideas in the HVAC sector
Some examples
Wind comfort in the built environment

Using standards such as NEN8100 or the Lawson criteria, an assessment can be made of the wind climate in the vicinity of high-rise buildings.

Forces during installation of wind turbines

A quick method has been devised for the installation of wind turbines at sea, using a ballast block that sinks via the central pillar. We investigated the expected forces on both the structure and the soil (displacement of sediment) by means of CFD simulations.

HVAC, glazed facade and high solar load

The comfort of visitors has been calculated for a high ceiling lobby, glazed façade and high sun exposure. In addition to the HVAC system, the CFD simulation takes into account:

  • Internal heat load of visitors and others
  • (direct) solar radiation through glass
  • Glass properties, such as reflection and absorption
  • Effect of shading by means of radiation model