CFD for fire safety

CFD simulations are widely used for fire safety issues. We specialize in such simulations and have extensive knowledge of the associated regulations and Fire Safety Engineering (FSE). There are many objectives for which CFD is used in this field. At the bottom of the page are some examples.

One of the most important reasons for executing a CFD simulation is to demonstrate equivalent performance to building codes, (local) regulations and/or standard (design) rules. A building or installation must meet strict rules with regard to fire safety. However, the rules are not always practical or reasonable. By means of CFD simulations the effect of deviations from these rules on the fire safety level can be investigated. This can be based on performance requirements or by means of a comparison between the proposed design against a design that complies with the rules.

The following benefits can be achieved (amongst many others) with the use of CFD simulations:

  • A larger fire compartment
  • Savings on (fire resistance) of the construction
  • Savings on installations
  • Longer or fewer escape routes
  • Build closer together

In addition, there are many other topics for which CFD simulations are used:

  • To calculate Available Safe Egress Time (ASET)
  • For the design of ventilation systems for car parks and tunnels
  • For the design of stair core and corridor ventilation
  • To calculate the Incident radiation in the environment, for example on neighboring plots or when firefighters extinguish a pool fire
  • To calculate the thermal load on structures, taking into account the effects of, for example, sprinklers or the availability of oxygen
  • Designing smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems for Atria / distribution centers / shopping centers / etc

Do you need a CFD simulation for your fire safety issue?

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