CFD simulations for data centres

To aid in the development and operation of data centres we provide CFD simulations to data centre designers, contractors and operators. These simulations are executed for systems both inside and outside the data centre, such as data rooms, ancillary rooms or external cooling equipment (on the roof).

  • Quick insights at an early stage
  • Rack intake temperatures
  • Insight into pressure and backflow
  • Prevent hotspots
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Prevent and resolve cooling issues
  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Prevent short circuiting
  • Optimize free cooling
  • ASHRAE compliant design

Do you need a data centre CFD simulation

Why choose us for a CFD simulation?

Thanks to our extensive experience and highly professional software and hardware, we can execute high-quality CFD simulations for data centres in a short time span. We execute simulations for systems both at the inside and outside of the data centre. Our CFD simulations are used to check and optimize a design prior to construction. This ensures optimal performance and avoids problems afterwards. The CFD simulation highlights regions with recirculation zones/hot-spots or short circuiting. In addition, the simulations can be used to minimize the energy consumption of the data centre.

Feel free to contact us at an early stage so we can share our knowledge and experience with you during the entire design process, ensuring an optimal benefit of the capabilities of CFD simulations.

Your data centre in a digital test environment
Data room:

Rack intake temperatures

External equipment:

Short circuiting between (cooling) equipment

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